Call for Artist!

I’m looking for an artist for my comic, Temerity, a sci-fi adventure comic with a lot of humor and quirky characters. There will be a fair amount of action panels, sci-fi environments, and expressive characters. You can read the first two issues on Webtoons free!

The Project:

This job will be doing the artwork for issue #3 of about 28 pages and some added bonus scenes for issue 1 of about 10 pages.

Applicants can work at their own pace, but must be able to finish at least 2 pages a week. So if you decide to do 10 pages a week, cool. You’ll get the money for your work faster! If we see growth by the end of the issue then we will seek a contract to do Issues 4-9 issues for a completed graphic novel with a chance for a pay raise. If things go REAL well, then you can expect a long term contract doing more seasons of the comic.

Files may be delivered as .psd or .csp file at 600dpi via ftp, dropbox, or drive.


$70 a page for pencils and inks. If you’d like, you will be provided storyboards to work off of. Pages average to be about 5-6 panels per page.

Pays every 4 pages via Paypal after receiving an emailed invoice from the artist. (Frequency and means of payment is negotiable.)

*English Speaking
*Good communication
*Willingness to take direction
*Create a minimum of 2 pages a week.
*Be able to take Paypal payments.
*Only SFW artist! (If you do NSFW it must be behind a paywall such as Patreon or under a pseudonym. Most of my readers are tweens and teens and I don’t want to link the comic to an artist that shows R rated artwork on a public page.)

To Apply:
Email me at [email protected] with the subject line: Temerity Artist Application

-Include a link to your portfolio or attach it to the email. Your portfolio MUST include at least 5 pages of sequential art.
-Include your resume and/or your work experience.
-Include your page rates!

This is for a SFW creators. Do NOT send me mature content. I will not look at it, and it will disqualify you from the job.

If you submit and I like your work, then I will contact you to do a test pate. I look forward to seeing your portfolio!

This position will remain open until I find the right person/people for the job!

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