Words: A Way of Kings Fancomic

A little 6 page fancomic depicting Kaladin saying the first ideal in Brandon Sanderson’s “The Way of Kings.” I absolutely loved this part of the book and was probably my favorite scene. Maybe Kaladin can’t save everyone, but he’s sure going to try! Download a free PDF of this comic below:

Well of Ascension

This came from a very silly conversation I had with some members of the 17th Shard Discord. Where Kelsier is guarding the Well of Ascension–which is a kiddy pool Spook and Vin are playing in. Kelsier is reaching Oceans 11, which is what Brandon Sanderson likes to compare the first Mistborn book too!

The Safe Hand

We can all admit that the safe-hand thing in the Stormlight Archive is both silly and an amazing cultural thing found in the books. Here’s Navani trying to seduce Dalinar from the Way of Kings.

Mistborn: Is Elend Cool Enough?

I’m not even really sure what inspired this silly little comic. But I had a lot of fun drawing it! Elend is pretty cool, too bad Kelsier was too prejudice to see it! Haha! (Please note that I drew this before reading Mistborn: The Secret History.)

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