Children of Eldair Book 4 Launches in 2 Weeks!

I’m excited to announce the launch of my next project: Children of Eldair Book 4.

I know that the launch of book 4 of Children of Eldair has been anticipated for a while now, and I’m excited that I am now ready to get this book printed! Of course, I’ll need your help to make it happen!

This time, I’m doing something new. Instead of running the campaign on Kickstarter and having my surveys done through Backerkit, I am going to be running the campaign solely on Backerkit. Backerkit’s campaign feature is new, so it’s probably a bit of a risk–but I’m excited to see how this platform has improved upon what Kickstarter hasn’t and better streamline the process of running a crowdfunding campaign.

A very pretty characters page!

The fact that I am trying out a new platform makes your help more important than ever! The more people following and pledging to the project right when it goes live on August 22nd the more successful the campaign will be.

So head on over the Backerkit Prelaunch page and follow the project! Anyone who pledges within the first 48 hours of the campaign going live on the 22nd will get a free bonus sticker when they pledge a physical reward.

Thanks for your support and let’s make this book real!

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