digital painting

Brighteyes Radiant

Just wanted to show off my latest illustration! It’s Radiant (Shallan) from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive. I had SO much fun working on this one! I especially liked working on the Pattern Sword. For those of you unfamiliar with Sanderson’s work, I highly recommend his novels! They are some of the best fantasy literature. This …

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Leshwi the Heavenly One

A companion piece to Kaladin the Windrunner. I loved drawing the marbling patterns on Leshwi’s skin with her carapace. I think this is one of my best pieces to date and I’m super proud of it! Leshwi is probably one of my favorite characters from the book and I’m really excited to see what happens …

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Kaladin the Windrunner

Kaladin with the Sylspear from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive Series. Kaladin floats about the Shattered Plains, looking down upon Roshar. One day I’d love to get this printed where the Sylspear is actually silver foil!


A quick illustration of Vin from Mistborn. I really enjoy drawing the mistcloak with all the strips of fabric.

Sky Duel

Kaladin and Leshwi dueling in the Sky from Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson. I fell in love with the design of Leshwi the first time she was introduced in Oathbringer with her streams of red fabric as she floated elegantly in the air. I awaited the moment when she and Kaladin would duel with …

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The painting Kaladin finds in Shadesmar, which can be interpreted differently by different people. In this, Kaladin saw Dalinar surrounded by 9 dark shadows and felt a deep sense of foreboding.

Mistborn the Final Empire

I actually drew this back in college as a school assignment where we illustrated a movie poster and cast movie actors for a book to movie adaptation. (Which I’m realizing was over a decade ago.) I had read Mistborn for the first time recently at that point, so of course, I chose that! Mark Strong …

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