Words: A Way of Kings Fancomic

A little 6 page fancomic depicting Kaladin saying the first ideal in Brandon Sanderson’s “The Way of Kings.” I absolutely loved this part of the book and was probably my favorite scene. Maybe Kaladin can’t save everyone, but he’s sure going to try! Download a free PDF of this comic below:

Kaladin the Windrunner

Kaladin with the Sylspear from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive Series. Kaladin floats about the Shattered Plains, looking down upon Roshar. One day I’d love to get this printed where the Sylspear is actually silver foil!

Sky Duel

Kaladin and Leshwi dueling in the Sky from Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson. I fell in love with the design of Leshwi the first time she was introduced in Oathbringer with her streams of red fabric as she floated elegantly in the air. I awaited the moment when she and Kaladin would duel with …

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Magical Boy Kaladin

One of my earlier watercolors where I was still getting a hang of it! While reading Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive I couldn’t help but decide that it was secretly a magical girl story! I mean, they have cute mascot characters and they level up! Plus sparkly glowing effect. So this is Kaladin as a magical …

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Lopen, Rock, and Kaladin


What do you do with a two-armed Herdazian? Draw him cause he’s adorable! Lopen is just a sunshiney character who I always enjoy reading. Kaladin and Rock think he’s ridiculous, which is what makes it more fun.

Kaladin in black, white, and red.


I drew this shortly after reading The Way of Kings for the first time. I found Kaladin’s arc to be the most intriguing of the entire book and he is probably my favorite character in the whole series. As someone who suffers from chronic depression, I found him highly relatable and his determination to continue …

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