Well of Ascension

This came from a very silly conversation I had with some members of the 17th Shard Discord. Where Kelsier is guarding the Well of Ascension–which is a kiddy pool Spook and Vin are playing in. Kelsier is reaching Oceans 11, which is what Brandon Sanderson likes to compare the first Mistborn book too!

Mistborn: Is Elend Cool Enough?

I’m not even really sure what inspired this silly little comic. But I had a lot of fun drawing it! Elend is pretty cool, too bad Kelsier was too prejudice to see it! Haha! (Please note that I drew this before reading Mistborn: The Secret History.)

Mistborn the Final Empire

I actually drew this back in college as a school assignment where we illustrated a movie poster and cast movie actors for a book to movie adaptation. (Which I’m realizing was over a decade ago.) I had read Mistborn for the first time recently at that point, so of course, I chose that! Mark Strong …

Mistborn the Final Empire

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