traditional art


A quick sketchbook drawing I did of Syl from The Stormlight Archive using pen and colored pencil. I wanted her dress to mimic the flow of the wind, and her safe-hand is covered.

Shallan and the Cryptics

This is from a particular scene in Way of Kings, where Shallan sees strange creatures appearing in her drawings. I always pictured them as sort of spirograph heads, which is what I used to draw them in this illustration. (Which, I found that doing complex spirographs was much harder than I had anticipated and I …

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Raodin of Elantris

I LOVE Raoden from Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris. He is probably my favorite Cosmere character. He’s determined, hard working, and charming. Unfortunately, Raoden as a hoed is pretty difficult to draw in a handsome way. He’s basically a zombie with no hair, no eyebrows, and blemishes on his skin. I’ve tried drawing him numerous times and …

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