Zelda’s Lullaby Book 2 Now Available for preorder

Zelda’s Lullaby book 2 is now available to preorder!

After waking outside Hyrule Castle, Link finds himself as the new unexpected caretaker of the sole remaining heir of Hyrule: Princess Zelda. Now, Link must protect the princess from an evil that is determined to end her life while traveling to purify the three sacred springs. Sounds easy, right? Oh wait, except, the princess is only 10 months old and really just wants to chew on EVERYTHING.  This book includes Part Three: Kakariko, where Link returns home to find things are not as he left them and is faced with hostility from his clan: The Sheikah.

This limited run 6×8 inch book will contain 24 interior pages.  Each book will come signed and numbered.

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